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Honey Maid spreads the Love and shows that, if you’re going to have brand attitude, you’ve got to stand by it

The opprobrium caused by US breakfast brand Honey Maid celebrating families of all colours, sizes and genders of parent went global. As responses go, this was pretty awesome.

Just shows that, if you’re going to make a brave statement of brand attitude, you’re going to have to be equally brave and stand by it regardless of the feedback …

There’s lovely … some “historical stationery” that brings past characters to life in print …

Thought that this was a little piece of work sharing for one of our clients:, purveyors of excellent stationery and business cards.

We recreated some stationery for the rich and famous of times gone by, including Shakespeare, Franklin, Hemingway, Jane Austen, Einstein, Ian Fleming and Churchill. They’ve picked up some cute coverage in the design media (just as planned) with FastCoCreate, Design Taxi, Laughing Squid and It’s Nice That scribbling fond words about them …

moo-historical-figures-william-shakespeare-002 copy

moo-historical-figures-jane-austen-001 copy

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Eyestalkers makes surveillance culture delightful and disturbing at the same time

The surveillance culture of the twenty first century couldn’t really have been more written about. But Eyestalkers makes it into interactive art that really nails the message.

Twenty or so eyeballs sit in a window apparently passive until they alight upon someone and all of a sudden track their every move.

They’re the work of Dutch interactive studio Front40 and delight and disturb in equal measure …

There are over 1,400 amateur cricketers in this crowdsourced spot for Nike India’s Cricket T20 campaign

Nike has used 1,440 clips of cricketers, expertly edited and meticulously pieced together for a spot that celebrates the Cricket T20. It’s an amazing piece of content and really does rival anything that the brand has done in football – which is going some.

Disney Interactive Studios and Disney Infinity have become clients. It’s lovely and remarkable news really


There’s good news and then there’s great news. This falls into the latter category.

We’ve heard that we are to work with Disney Interactive Studios and with Disney Infinity as their European creative agency – a brief that encompasses coming up with creative centrally that can be implemented in local markets across EMEA and delivering global launch events and stunts for some exciting new titles.

For those who don’t know, DIS do all of the brands mobile games – not just for Disney branded properties, but also for Star Wars amongst many others.

Disney Infinity, meanwhile, is their “sandbox” interactive gaming platform in which you can play across a host of Disney and Disney Pixar worlds – including Cars, the Incredibles, Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tangled and Frozen (just for starters!).

Work has kicked off pretty immediately and we are hard at work getting planning kits written and implementing a couple of the ideas we’ve already developed for them ahead of some exciting new developments for the rest of the year. Watch this space for more as that happens.

A missing ship, buried treasure and some unique coins are all in a day’s work for Team The Royal Mint


The Royal Mint is never short of extraordinary stories and this one is no exception – involving (as you do) a shipwreck and a hoard of missing silver bullion.

So the story goes that, back in 1941, a British merchant vessel, the SS Gairsoppa was making its way from India carrying much needed war supplies including silver bullion destined for The Royal Mint when it was torpedoed by a German U-boat and sank three miles below the Atlantic.

Seventy years later the wreck was recovered and The Royal Mint has finally been reunited with the lost bullion silver. A limited run of Quarter-Ounce Silver Coins have been created from the silver bullion so now members of the public can own a piece of the history.

We knew the story would be an absolute sitter and we watched as the coverage rolled in.  Everyone from BBC Breakfast to ITV and Sky News covered the news, with some stand out pieces from the likes of Daily Telegraph, which ran no fewer than three pieces (one print and two online), PA, The Times, i, MailOnline, Daily Record, Huff Post, Evening Standard, Yahoo!, MSN and BBC News Online totalling 130 pieces and counting.

Not a bad hoard at all.

Of all the world records to break, fastest lawn mower has got to be the oddest

… unless you’ve a proud motor racing heritage and happen to make lawn mowers. Honda is one of the few brands in the world that can claim both …

Wondrous news as we’ve made our Sabre Awards debut and are up for four at CIPR


We found out this week that we’ve made our debut in the Holmes Report Sabre Awards shortlists with four campaigns up for gongs.

Our O2 campaigns for Chargers out of the Box (for Best Corporate Image) and for O2 Walkie Talkies (for Best Telecoms) both get the nod for the mobile phone giant.

In other news, we’ve been shortlisted twice for Best Consumer Campaign for an Existing Product. Meantime’s Hops in a Box and The Royal Mint’s “Silver Penny Fit for a Prince” are both up for gongs.

We now have to wait until the glittery event in May to find out whether we can turn any of those into wins. But in the meanwhile the team’s made up to make the list …

Then at the end of this week we’ve been told we’re up for four awards at the CIPR Excellence Awards. Which is lovely – only Brands2Life and Unity were more-shortlisted.

O2 got the nod for Best CSR Campaign for the Big UpCycle while The Royal Mint is up for Best Public Sector Campaign. Meantime bagged a brace of shortlist appearances, up for Best Integrated Campaign and for Best Digital Campaign.

Awesome work by all the teams involved across all the shortlisted – a cracking performance altogether.

This is almost certainly the best whisky ad we’ve seen in the world … well, ever, really

From South Africa, for Bells …

Awesome new invention launched by Virgin Active today … no ifs, nice butts

What’s more our pants idea got some rather splendid coverage, with Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, City AM, Grazia, Pocket-Lint, Digital Spy and a host of others picking it up as a favourite.

Meanwhile Capital FM Breakfast’s very own Dave Berry was seen sporting them on air as he tried to work off his breakfast in clenches. Of course they saw fit to give Virgin Active a cheeky mention!

Oh … and the marketing trades rather liked the story too. Hence we found ourselves with memorable mentions across Campaign (who used our story as their own April Fool’s story), Marketing WeekMedia Week, The Drum and AdWeek … even Management Today got in on the act.

What a “cracking” day’s work.

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